Independent appraisal business

The «OEMKINVEST Ltd» has been engaged in appraisal activity since April 2004 and has been working successfully in the area in excess of 11 years already.

Appraisal is done basing on Federal Law «On the Appraisal Activities in the Russian Federation» No. 135-FZ, «Appraisal Standards mandatory for use by appraisal activity entities» and International appraisal standards.

Results of Appraisal are presented in the form of a report containing detailed information about appraiser's principles, approaches and assertions. The report clearly defines the objective of appraisal, sequence of actions taken by appraiser, conclusion and logic of the use of data that led to the conclusion and confirm it.

Qualified staff, having considerable experience in appraisal activity, specially configured software and continuously updated auxiliary supporting reference materials are part and parcel of success of our Company.

Since April 2005 the «OEMKINVEST Ltd» is a member of NCP «RSA Partnership» and accredited by self-regulating organization «Russian Society Of Appraisers» .

We have 4 appraisers working in the Company who are full members of Russian Society Of Appraisers.

The appraisers' and the Company's liability is insured pursuant to applicable legislation regulating appraisal activity.

The Company's liability is insured in the Insurance company «Insurance Business Group» for 100 000 000 rubles.

The «OEMKINVEST Ltd» performs real-estate appraisal, appraisal of machinery and equipment, transportation equipment, securities, business and other types of property at good quality level and as soon as practicable.

Provision of appraisal service is not restricted only by the territory of Stary Oskol and Belgorod region. The appraisers of «OEMKINVEST Ltd» over a period of their activity have performed appraisal of objects in Voronezh, Irkutsk, Kaluga, Kursk, Moscow, Krasnodar regions and in Moscow and Sankt-Petersburg. The Company's appraisers performed in excess of 1 500 works of various level of complexity.

In 2011 our Company was accredited with OAO «Sberbank Russia», ZAO CB «DeltaCredit», CB «NOVOE VREMYA» (OOO) and Gazprombank giving our appraisers preferential right to provide appraisal works on inquiry from these banks. Moreover, the Company cooperates successfully with OOO CB «National Standard».

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List of Company's major Clients includes such business enterprises as airport «Vnukovo», ООО «Bentoprom», OAO «Oskol electrometallurgical plant», OAO «Lebedinsky GOK» .

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