• Non-core assets

Non-core assets

If you have taken interest in our objects and you have own idea of the price we will have pleasure in hearing out your suggestions.

Moreover, if you choose to contact us you will be able to use lending facility or payment by installments. Loan will be granted by CB National Standard LLC subject to at least 30% initial installment. Loan may be for  up to 5 years upon the security of the object under sale.

St Petersburg

Hotel "Okhtinskaya"

"Okhtinskaya" hotel is located in one of the most attractive sites of St.Petersburg on banks of the Neva river with all-round view opening to Neva, Smolny Cathedral ensemble and Bolsheokhtinsky bridge known as one of the most imposing of European bridges.  Hotel can offer 295 rooms for comfortable stay (more than 500 guest places).


Land plots in the settlement “Dubovoye”

Offered for sale are the land plots for individual housing construction that are located in a prestigious place in the settlement Dubovoye 4 km southward of Belgorod.

Trade center “Karusel”

Trade center “KARUSEL” – is a multifunctional building equipped with modern engineering services having area of 12 018,5 m2 with distinct outline that seamlessly blended in the architectural complex of Stary Oskol. The interior of the Trade center “KARUSEL” has a dignified modern style.
Bld.23, quarter 1 Dubrava microdistrict, Belgorod oblast, Stary Oskol


Shopping Mall “Kerama”

Shopping Mall “Kerama” having area of 3 841,80 m2  at the address 35 Gornyakov street , block of houses No.7, Zheleznogorsk, Kursk oblast.