Asset management

CJSC “IC-OEMK Invest” is involved in Trust management since 1999. Assets trust management allows exploiting with maximum efficiency opportunities of Russian stock market for placement of available cash assets. This is a rational solution for those investors who aim at finding advantageous means of investment of capital but are not prepared to waste time and efforts for analysis of the market situation and self-making of investment decisions.

The main point of the trust management is that the settlor of the trust management transfers to management its money assets and securities. Our Company in capacity of a Trust Manager maintains operations of securities sale-purchase in Client’s favor.  All decisions regarding transactions takes the trust manager but major line of its actions determines the settlor of the trust management through drawing up of the “investment declaration”. The settlor of the trust management can stipulate in it list and proportions of securities in the portfolio that the trust manager will be working with and determine other limiting terms.  All money funds coming from the settlors of trust management are usable in conformity with the “investment declaration” only.

Our specialists will offer to a Client the individual strategy developed following its personal preferences, anticipated periods of cooperation, permissible risks, amount of funds that the settlor of trust management is figuring on to transfer to the trust management and other terms.

Every Client of CJSC “IC-OEMK Invest” anytime can obtain statement regarding status of personal investment portfolio.

Our experts can offer to any Client the individual strategy developed in conformity with Client's individual preferences, expected cooperation periods, permissible risks, amount of funds that the Trustor of Portfolio Management is planning to submit to Portfolio Management and other conditions.

Our goal – to keep and multiply the capital trusted to us by Clients. Earnings in form of dividends, interests, warrants and profit gained in process of Client's assets management are reinvested in the market instruments.

In 2014 volume of trust management transactions remains on the high level at 147,06 billion RUB.

We will be happy to include you in our Clients' list! To become our Client one needs to conclude the Property Management Contract with "OEMKINVEST"