Depository services: description of service

Depository activity is the provision of financial services of safekeeping of security certificates and accounting of transfer of rights on securities. A professional securities market participant engaged in depository activity is referred to as a depository. A person employing services for safekeeping of securities and registration of security right transfer is referred to as a depositor. An Agreement regulating their relations is referred to as depository or REPO account agreement.

Long-term experience of operation on the stock market clearly demonstrated that only those companies that are paying serious attention to development of client services and widening the scope of services remain successful. It is not possible to provide high quality services on the securities market without streamlined depository operation.

Having own Depository within Investment company means easy and reliable way of making transactions. Combining broker and depository services allows to reduce execution time of Clients instructions and costs connected with accounting of transfer of rights on securities, assures timely distribution of dividends and keeping to securities re-registration schedule. The Depository effects on an intermittent basis collection and processing data on registrars, depositories and issuers with objective to determine and minimize risks of securities safekeeping and informs the clients about corporate actions taken by issuers of securities, allocation of issues, alterations of characteristics of securities emissions.

Depository of "OEMKINVEST Ltd" makes available to own clients all major services for management of depository accounts and record of securities trading:

  • opening of DEPO accounts, safekeeping and accounting of securities, performing operations on account;
  • management of DEPO account through Account Executive, Operator or Trustee of the Account;
  • re-registration of rights on securities;
  • registration of the fact of encumbered securities;
  • servicing corporate securities and promissory notes;
  • registration in capacity of nominee securities holder with registrars or other depositories;
  • provision of information about issuer, communication of messages from issuer and registrar;
  • assistance to securities owners in effectuation of rights on securities owned by them;
  • other operations on Clients instructions.

Depository of "OEMKINVEST Ltd" has established interdepository relations with a big number of major settlement and authorized depositories (e.g. National Settlement Depository and Depository-Clearing company) and maintains correspondent relations with depositories of other professional market participants which makes it possible to meet Clients interests and demands to the maximum extent possible.

Main goal for the Company in provision of depository services is formation of the most comfortable investment environment for Clients to make operations with securities. Advantages of "OEMKINVEST Ltd" are as follows:

  • high-quality and timely execution of depository operations;
  • simplification of document control system;
  • free information-consultation service;
  • low cost of depository service;
  • high level of reliability.