• Description of service

Brokering: description of service

"OEMKINVEST Ltd" provides broker services of broker services of corporate and individual Clients basing on appropriate license.

Broker operations mean sale-purchase deals in securities on Russian stock market that a company makes for and on behalf of a Client.

A Client decides at own discretion when, at what price, on what stock exchange or over the counter market and according what financial instrument deals to be made. Thereunder a company makes deals to the benefit of a Client.

In our company we have developed a special scheme of working with Clients which allows us to devote maximum attention to each Client. Our experts will consult a Client on how to work in the securities market, help understand issues concerned with imposition of taxes in the stock market. We are always at a Client's disposal to provide exhaustive information of current condition of the market which is of significance for decision making.

All Clients have access to three options for interaction with a broker:

  • submission of bids to a broker over the phone;
  • "in person" submission of bids to a broker in a company office;
  • make deals at own discretion.

Owing to development of modern technologies everyone willing may trade securities on the stock trading platforms "OEMKINVEST Ltd" starting from 2003 offers its clients opportunity to trade independently on the leading Russian trading platform - Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX).

The volume of transactions on brokerage activities for 2015 was $ 96,47 billion rubles.

We will be glad to see you among our clients!